NYC: The Bee’s Knees

Urban beekeepers are legal and back in business here in New York City as of 2010. Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s administration “added honeybees to a list of over one hundred wild animals, including hyenas, pet vipers and dingoes, considered too dangerous for urban life. It’s not clear why the City suddenly outlawed honeybees after a long history in which the insects and their keepers had … Continue reading NYC: The Bee’s Knees

Cassata: Sicilian Cake

  Cassata is a Sicilian cake which hails from the city of Palermo. It’s difficult, however, to determine the exact origin of cassata, as noted by Clifford A. Wright. It is a cake that has evolved over time, since the 1600s, through religious roots and ethnic ties to Catholicism, (Baroque era in art which the Catholic Church supported) Judaism, (Sicilian Jews ate a cake that … Continue reading Cassata: Sicilian Cake

Gelato in Brooklyn

    Gelato L’albero dei gelati in Park Slope, Brooklyn which hails from Lombardy, Italy works with organic farmers from Pennsylvania to ensure freshness and quality in each ingredient that goes into their on-site gelateria. Their flavors are seasonal but for example, one can always find stracciatella (vanilla with chocolate chunks) and gianduia (dark chocolate with hazelnut-infused milk) which is a traditional gelato from Piedmont. They also offer … Continue reading Gelato in Brooklyn

Sweet Finds in Park Slope

We recently moved from Bay Ridge to South Slope some months ago. It was a very long winter for many reasons. But now, summer is in full swing and my health is almost back to “normal” :).  Am really enjoying this new neighborhood of ours and love the notion of being so close to Prospect Park, designed by the same architect who did Central Park. Julian … Continue reading Sweet Finds in Park Slope

A Playground, a Picnic and a Play Date Always Lead to Something Yummy…

Now that our son is just over 12 months old and started walking a few months ago, I have been trying to take him to the various playgrounds throughout Brooklyn. The list of them goes on and on and I am finally getting the hang of what it means to live in NYC with a young toddler. Over the past few weeks we’ve been to … Continue reading A Playground, a Picnic and a Play Date Always Lead to Something Yummy…