Ethiopian Cuisine: Vegetarian

  FOOD HISTORY AND KITCHEN STAPLES Ethiopian cuisine has a rich history. Though the country is geographically separated from most of Africa due to its mountain ranges and elevation, trade with the Middle East, Asia and the Mediterranean is what quintessentially helped to develop its cuisine. These “exchanges” gave way to chili peppers, ginger and exotic spices. Ethiopian cuisine is full of flavorful stews and sauces. … Continue reading Ethiopian Cuisine: Vegetarian

Ethiopian Coffee at Bunna Cafe

  BUNNA Arabica coffee originates from Ethiopia. Bunna, coffee in Amharic, is traditionally served with sugar or sometimes salt. Coffee culture is deeply rooted in Ethiopian society. Yirgacheffee coffee comes from the Southern region. There are two processing methods: natural in which the fruit is dried around the coffee bean before being removed and washed where the fruit is stripped within twelve hours after being harvested. As … Continue reading Ethiopian Coffee at Bunna Cafe