Ethiopian Coffee at Bunna Cafe

Processed with Snapseed.



Arabica coffee originates from Ethiopia. Bunna, coffee in Amharic, is traditionally served with sugar or sometimes salt. Coffee culture is deeply rooted in Ethiopian society. Yirgacheffee coffee comes from the Southern region. There are two processing methods: natural in which the fruit is dried around the coffee bean before being removed and washed where the fruit is stripped within twelve hours after being harvested. As one could imagine, different processing techniques produce a great variance in coffee characteristics. Characteristic coffee nodes range from fruity and wine-like to floral and tea-like.

Bunna Cafe uses Sidamo coffee beans and is served with demerara syrup. Demerara (turbinado) syrup is made from equal parts of sugar and water. Upon the first sip of coffee, I felt the bunna had more of a tea-like appeal with a slight node of jasmine.

Bunna Cafe is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn and they regularly host coffee ceremonies, an integral part of Ethiopian society. For more information, please visit their website.




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