Gelato in Brooklyn


Since 2013



L’albero dei gelati in Park Slope, Brooklyn which hails from Lombardy, Italy works with organic farmers from Pennsylvania to ensure freshness and quality in each ingredient that goes into their on-site gelateria. Their flavors are seasonal but for example, one can always find stracciatella (vanilla with chocolate chunks) and gianduia (dark chocolate with hazelnut-infused milk) which is a traditional gelato from Piedmont. They also offer dairy-free, vegan and savory gelato such as arugula, olive oil, butter and salt and saffron and camomile. My treat of the day was stracciatella and caramel.




And More…

Lucky for our neighborhood they are not only a gelateria but offer baked goods, panini and farinata (a Ligurian specialty made from chickpea flour, olive oil and water) so it is naturally gluten-free


L’albero dei gelati

341 5th Avenue






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