Sweet Finds in DUMBO

View of The Manhattan Bridge from DUMBO
View of The Manhattan Bridge from DUMBO

For those of you who are a little familiar with my blog An American in Turin, you all know that we have recently relocated from Turin to Brooklyn: Bay Ridge, to be exact. Turin is like a mini New York City. And well, now, that revelation has come full circle. We officially moved to Brooklyn about a month ago when we found an apartment in Bay Ridge. Bay Ridge is historically an Italian area and lies in the south-west part of Brooklyn. Remember the film, Saturday Night Fever? It was filmed here!

Brooklyn shares some characteristics with Italy in the sense that chain stores aren’t really so welcome here. So what is welcome here, you might ask? Well, when it comes to food, local is all the rage. My next post will focus on where to buy some of the best produce and dairy in this borough. But for now, I will focus on a wonderful pastry shop in DUMBO (short for Down Under the Manhattan Brooklyn Overpass). Dumbo is a small enclave located between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. It seems to be an artsy environment with art galleries, boutique bookstores and children shops, along with a VERY nice high-end market called Foragers City Grocer. This place is where you will find locally produced milk, cheeses, produce, a variety of meat and just about anything else you could think of to fill your pantry.

The views from DUMBO are beyond impressive. It feels like one has the East River and the New York skyline at your footsteps. It’s exhilarating and its urban city life at its best…with the subway sounds, for better or worse, constantly in the background. But somehow, Julian slept most of the time I was walking him around in his stroller.

I have to be honest. I have such a sweet tooth! In fact, had it not been for carpal tunnel which affected both of my hands along with surgery in one of them, I know that I would have decided to further my baking and pastry credentials. I haven’t let anything deter me in the past and if it’s meant to be, I will find a way to do so.

In the meantime, here is a lovely pastry shop called One Girl Cookies. Wherever we go, Julian is right along with us. We had just enough time to grab a hot chocolate, (served with a home-made marshmallow) and some whoopie pies. That day, they were serving two flavors: chocolate and gingerbread. All of their pastries are hand-made and the prices are actually very reasonable. There were so many cakes and goodies to choose from, like orange-buttermilk layer cake with plum jam filling and cream cheese frosting to vanilla macaroons. For those with a savory craving they also boast a nice selection of local cheese paired with wine during the late afternoon.

One Girl Cookies
One Girl Cookies

We ordered two whoopie pies but of course, they went way too quickly: hence my photo where only the hot chocolate still laid in tact. So, here’s to the next afternoon adventure, DUMBO. You surely did not disappoint us!

After our snack we decided to take a walk to Chinatown on the Brooklyn Bridge.  I couldn’t think of a better way to get to the city without having a car!

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge view from DUMBO



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